ATRI's Big Reveal

Join us for the big reveal – the results of the 2021 Top Industry Issues Survey! For 17 years the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has conducted an annual survey asking trucking industry stakeholders to rank their top issues of concern for the industry, as well as the potential solutions for addressing these issues. This panel of industry experts will discuss the results of this year’s survey, focusing on each issue – from 10 down to 1.

Diversity & Inclusion Seminar

Diversity & Inclusion Seminar: Do you know what it takes to have a first class diversity and inclusion program in your company? Hear from industry experts who will share tools for success for companies of all sizes. 

Charging Ahead: How to Prepare Your Facility Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

While fleet operators know the type of performance they require from their trucks, most have never had to design and build the charging infrastructure needed to support a fleet of electric trucks. This educational session will feature a panel discussion of how to prepare for and install electric charging infrastructure at your facility.

Tech-Celerate Session

Accelerating Adoption of ADAS Technologies: Ongoing Progress with FMCSA’s Tech-Celerate Now Program

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can help drivers avoid crashes, whether they result from driver error or from circumstances outside the driver’s control, such as sudden intrusions into the driver’s lane (e.g., road hazards and other vehicles). ADAS technologies are especially helpful for avoiding or mitigating the impact of rear-end crashes, which represent nearly half of all two-vehicle crashes.

State of Sustainable Fleets

State of Sustainable Fleets, Sponsored by Freightliner

This session will discuss issues such as fleet performance and adoption metrics; significant business benefits seen by early adopters; Federal, state, and local policy funding outlook; plans to ban diesel and gasoline engines and how clean technology is working for fleets.

The Tech of Trucking

The Tech of Trucking – Sponsored by ACT I

As new and improved safety technologies become available it is important to understand how they work and listen to the experiences of fleets and drivers. In this session we’ll be reviewing the technical advancements in the latest safety technologies, the perspectives of fleets and drivers on safety technologies, and how assistance technologies differ from autonomous systems. We’ll be focusing on how these technologies can benefit fleets right now and the ways that fleets can improve their bottom line through data and training.