Sean Waters
Vice President of Product Compliance & Regulatory Affairs for Daimler Truck North America & Detroit Diesel Corporation

Sean Waters is the Vice President of Product Compliance and Regulatory Affairs for Daimler Truck North America (“DTNA”) and Detroit Diesel Corporation (“DDC”). His responsibilities include supporting the development of smart emission and transportation policies by directly encouraging research into numerous areas affecting heavy-duty commercial products. He has also worked with regulatory agency leadership on standard-setting initiatives, most recently on heavy-duty engine and vehicle greenhouse gas standards.  In addition, Waters has extensive knowledge of other heavy-duty regulations such as for criteria emissions, onboard diagnostics, fuel quality, and safety. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (“EMA”) where he provides advice, counsel, and recommendations on the scientific and technical aspects of programs related to commercial truck emissions control strategies and safety technologies. Sean is also on the Board of Advisors for the University of California Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, the Board for Oregon Business & Industry and the Board for Portland Business Alliance.

Sean is married, with two children, four cats, a dog and a hedgehog.