General Session: The Economy in a New World Order

Nearly every major economy across the globe has transitioned into a new period of decelerating growth and rising inflation. How will interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and commodity prices affect the US economy and the trucking industry?  Join Tom Joyce, Managing Director & Global Head of Investment Banking Capital Markets Strategy at MUFG Bank and Bob Costello, ATA’s Chief Economist. Moderator:  ATA Second Vice Chairman Andrew Boyle, Co-President, Boyle Transportation.

General Session: Casting a Wide Net to Prepare for Trucking Decarbonization, Emissions Reductions, and Sustainability Planning

Now, more than ever, trucking remains in the bullseye of federal and state legislators and regulators on the environmental and energy fronts. Whether it is EPA or CARB advancing regulations to reduce fleet greenhouse gas and NOx emissions, state zero-emission vehicle sales and purchase mandates, internal combustion engine bans, or greenhouse gas reporting mandates, tomorrow’s fleet operations will look far different than they do today.