Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I access the Conference Community Platform?
A: Please visit and click on the “Registered Attendees” or “MCE Conference Community” button, both will direct you to the ATA Login page. Login by entering the same ATA username and password used to register for MCE Virtual.

Q: What features can I access on Conference Community Platform?
A: The platform includes your attendee Profile, all Policy, General and Educational Sessions, MCE Hub, Directory, Exhibit Hall and Press Room. Take a virtual platform tour here.

Q: What is the MCE HUB?
A: The MCE HUB gives you the opportunity to virtually participate in hot topic industry discussions, view images of your colleagues throughout the conference and the 5k race, and view polling results from questions posted during General Sessions.

Q: What if I have technical issues with the virtual sessions?
A: Please call (703) 838-7919 or email the ATA Technical Team at for assistance.

Q: As an attendee during a session, will I be seen on video?  
A:  Attendees will not have their video capability activated but will see presenters on the screen.

Q: Will Q&A be permitted during the sessions? How will I be able to share a comment or question?
A: Policy, Conference and some Educational Sessions will have the ability for attendees to ask questions by “raising a hand” or typing a question into the Q&A window located on the right side of the screen. To learn more about these features click here

Q: How do I edit my attendee profile?
A: To edit your profile information, visit, click the Registered Attendees button, and log in to the Conference Community Platform with your ATA username and password. Click your name in the upper right corner, select "View Profile" from the drop down and then click “Edit Profile”.

Q: How do I update my time zone?
From the Conference Community Platform, click your name in the upper right corner, and select “My Account”. Scroll down, choose your time zone from the drop down list, and click “Save Changes”.

To learn more about MCE Conference Community Experience click here

Q: Do I need to download any software to participate in MCE Virtual?
A: Webex - Yes, please set up Webex on your laptop/desktop prior to the scheduled session time by clicking on the link provided in your Webex Confirmation email. This link will prompt a window to download the software. You can test your connectivity beforehand by going to and joining the test meeting.
 Conference Community Platform- There is no need to download any software to use this platform, you can use your preferred Internet browser.

Q: What device can I use to access MCE Virtual?
A: For the best experience, please join all sessions from a laptop or desktop especially if participating as a Host/Presenter in the Webex sessions. 

Q: Will a Mobile App be available for MCE Virtual? 
A: Yes! The MCE Virtual Mobile App will be available for download to your smartphone.  View the program schedule, rate the sessions you attend, connect with exhibitors, follow ATA’s social media feeds, receive push notifications, and purchase products from the ATA Store (new for 2020), all in one place! 

Q: Where can I download the Mobile App? 
A: Download the ATA Events app to your smartphone from Google Play Store (Android devices) or the iTunes App Store (iOS devices). When you open the app, select “ATA MCE 2020” under “Featured Events”. Then tap “Open” to access the MCE Virtual mobile app’s dashboard.

Q: How do I edit my attendee profile?
A: To edit your profile information, tap the "Attendees" icon on the home screen and log in to the Conference Community Platform with your ATA username and password. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner and then tap your name. Select "View Profile" from the drop down and then tap “Edit Profile”.

Q: I would like to participate in the Virtual 5k Fun Run/Walk, where can I find more information?
A: Please click here to visit the Virtual 5k Information page or access our mobile app.

Q: How do I register for the Virtual 5k Fun Run/Walk?
A: To register, select the ATA Fourth Annual Virtual 5k Fun Run/Walk during the registration process. For existing registrations, log-in to your current MCE Virtual registration, confirm the contact information listed, and click next. On the Customize Experience page, under ‘Additional Meeting Products’, select ‘ATA Fourth Annual Virtual 5k Fun Run/Walk’.